15+ Unique Facts About Animals Many People Don’t Actually Know

Fun & Unique Facts about Animals — Prepare to be Surprised!

UNIQUE FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS – You can check the list below for the fun facts about certain animals that many people are not aware of.

There seems to be countless animals that naming all of them without missing any is quite impossible. Many of these creatures are known to humans with some of them even considered pets at home while others are scary undeniably scary creatures and cannot be considered as pets. They live in jungles, ponds, lakes, etc. instead.

Unique Facts About Animals
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However, even to the popular creatures, there are unique facts about animals that many people are not aware of. You will surely be moved by these strange characteristics of animals.

Unique Facts About Animals

Crocodiles can’t stick their tongue out.

Dalmatianpuppies are born with plain white coats without spots. They only develop the spots after one week old.

Cat whiskers are very sensitive that they can detect the slightest change in the current of air.

While most hearts are on the chest, the shrimp got its heart of a shrimp in its head.

Are you fond of drinking cow’s milk? A cow can give around 200,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime.

The eye of an ostrichis actually larger than its brain.

While ostriches have small brains, starfishes don’t even have brain at all.

Each dog has a unique nose print just like the uniqueness of thumbmarks of humans.

Elephants are the only animal in the planet that is not capable of jumping.

Frogs can’no’t vomit or they will vomit their entire stomach.

There is an animal that cannot fart — the Kangaroo.

The sense of smell of a dog is actually 1000 times greater than a human’s sense of smell.

Cats actually have no collarbone that’s why they can move a lot.

Dogs sweat through their foot pads.

Longest sleeper? A snail can sleep for three years.

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