TIKBALANG: Facts About This Mythological Creature of Filipino Folklore

TIKBALANG – Here are the facts about this mythological creature that has been a part of Filipino folklore.

Mythological creatures play a significant role in shaping the country’s cultural identity. One such mythical being is the Tikbalang, a creature that has captured the imagination of generations with its mysterious appearance and mysterious nature.

Its origins can be traced back to pre-colonial times. The creature is also known by different names in various regions of the Philippines, such as “Tikbalan,” “Tigbalan,” or “Tigbalang.”


Often described as a half-horse, half-human creature, the Tikbalang is a symbol of both fear and fascination in Philippine folklore. It is said to be covered in hair, sometimes having long, unkempt locks, and it usually has a strong, earthy odor.

Its feet are often described as facing backward, a characteristic that contributes to the creature’s ability to lead travelers astray.

Many people believe that the mythological creature is the guardian of the mountains and forests, a supernatural entity that watches over nature. They are often found in thick, dense forests or atop tall trees, and it’s believed that their domain should be respected and not disrupted.


To avoid encountering a Tikbalang and falling under its tricks, it is customary to say “tabi-tabi po” when entering forests or unfamiliar territory, asking for the Tikbalang’s permission to pass through its domain to help prevent any unwanted encounters or disturbances.

According to legends, if you enter a Tikbalang’s territory without asking for permission, you may become disoriented and lost, wandering in circles, unable to find your way out.

Tales of the Tikbalang often portray it as a mischievous and playful creature known for playing tricks on travelers by disorienting them or leading them astray in the forest. Some stories suggest that it enjoys confusing travelers by mimicking the calls of loved ones or producing eerie sounds, adding to the overall sense of mystery and fear.

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