DIPLOMAT HOTEL: Things You Need to Know About This Haunted Destination in Baguio

Diplomat hotel

DIPLOMAT HOTEL – Here are the things that you need to know about this haunted destination in Baguio. The Diplomat Hotel, located atop Dominican Hill in Baguio City, is a place steeped in history and covered in mystery. Known today for its creepy atmosphere and tales of paranormal activity, the hotel has become a popular … Read more

BALETE DRIVE: The Haunted Street in Quezon City

BALETE DRIVE – Here are facts and stories about the alleged haunted street located in New Manila, Quezon City. Balete Drive is known as one of the most haunted places in the area. The road was named after the large balete tree, is located in New Manila, Quezon City. Many people are afraid to pass … Read more

BUSAW: Legendary Human-Like Creature in Philippine Folklore


The Busaw is a legendary human-like creature in Philippine folklore, known for its preference for human flesh. The Busaw is a legendary creature in Philippine folklore, often described as a ghoul or corpse thief. It appears human-like in its behaviors and appearance but has some scary features such as pointed teeth, hooked nails, and a … Read more

SIYOKOY: Facts About This Humanoid Sea Monster in Philippine Folklore


SIYOKOY – Here are some popular stories about this mythological creature known as ‘Mermen’ in Philippine folklore. Siyokoy is a mythical creature in Filipino folklore, often described as a humanoid sea monster or merman. It is said to inhabit the waters of the Philippines, particularly in the deep seas and coastal areas. The sea creature … Read more

BIRINGAN: Mysterious & Mythical City in the Philippines


BIRINGAN – Here are some stories about the mysterious and mythical city in Philippine folklore located in the province of Samar. Biringan is believed to be located somewhere in the mountains or forests of Samar or nearby provinces. Legend states that this place is a hidden realm inhabited by supernatural beings, such as engkantos fairies, … Read more

BUNGISNGIS: Things You Need to Know About This One-Eyed Giant


BUNGISNGIS – Legend of The Philippine Cyclops BUNGISNGIS – Here are the important things you need to know about this one-eyed giant or Philippines cyclops. Bungisngis is a one-eyed giant found in the folklore of the Philippines. This giant hails from Meluz, Orion, Bataan, and is known for having only one eye and a perpetual … Read more

PUGOT: Things You Need to Know About Headless Filipino Ghoul


PUGOT – Here are the things that you need to know about the headless Filipino ghoul, a creepy entity in Philippine folklore. The Pugot, a mysterious being primarily rooted in Luzon tradition, has captured generations’ imagination with its creepy presence. The entity is described as a headless Filipino ghoul. In the stories of the Kapampangan … Read more

BAL-BAL: Undead Monster in the Philippines Known for Stealing Corpses


Here Are Some Facts About This Undead Monster Known for Stealing Corpses BAL-BAL – Here are the things that you need to know about this undead monster in the Philippines known for stealing corpses. “Balbal” is a Filipino term that refers to a mythical creature in Philippine folklore, particularly in Tagalog regions. It is often … Read more

AMALANHIG: Things You Need to Know About Zombie of the Philippines


AMALANHIG – Here are the things you need to know about ‘Maranhig’ or the so-called ‘Zombie’ of the Philippines. The Amalanhig is a terrifying creature from the rich history of Philippine mythology that is ingrained in Visayan folklore. Known by many names like Maranhig or Amaranhig, these creatures have captured the imagination of generations throughout the … Read more

BANGUNGOT: The Truth Behind This Ancient Sleeping Disorder


BANGUNGOT – Here is the truth behind this ancient sleeping disorder that causes death in several individuals. Bangungot, also known as “nightmare death syndrome” or “sudden nocturnal death syndrome,” is a term used to describe a mysterious and potentially fatal condition characterized by sudden death during sleep, typically occurring in otherwise healthy individuals. It primarily … Read more