OZONE DISCO: Tragic Story Behind this Haunted Location

OZONE DISCO – Here is the tragic story behind the  haunted location, which was once a trendy hotspot in Quezon City.

On March 18, 1996, the Ozone Disco Club in Quezon City, Philippines, was the site of one of the deadliest nightclub fires in history. It was a popular nightspot, especially among young people and students.

The tragedy occurred during a graduation celebration, where hundreds of young people gathered to enjoy the evening. At around 11:35 PM, a fire broke out in the club, leading to chaos and panic among the customers.


On that fateful evening, the club was packed beyond its capacity. It was hosting a graduation party for graduating students of the AMA Computer College. Around midnight, sparks from the disc jockey’s booth started a fire. The flames quickly spread, engulfing the entire club in minutes.

As smoke filled the air, panic ensued. People rushed to the only known exit – a single narrow door that swung inward. The crowd pushing against the door made it nearly impossible to open.

In the end, 162 people lost their lives, and over 90 were injured. Most of the victims were young, with many still in their teens or early twenties.


Investigations revealed several safety violations such as:

  • The club was overcrowded, with nearly 400 people in a space meant for 35.
  • There was only one marked exit, which opened inwards.
  • The building had no proper fire exits or sprinkler systems.

In 2014, after years of legal proceedings, seven people were found guilty of criminal charges related to the fire. These included the club’s owners and city officials who had approved the club’s license despite safety violations.

The Ozone Disco fire led to stricter enforcement of fire and building safety codes in the Philippines.

Nowadays, the site of Ozone Disco is considered haunted by many. People have reported hearing eerie sounds, seeing apparitions, and experiencing an unsettling atmosphere around the area.

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