BALETE DRIVE: The Haunted Street in Quezon City

BALETE DRIVE – Here are facts and stories about the alleged haunted street located in New Manila, Quezon City. Balete Drive is known as one of the most haunted places in the area. The road was named after the large balete tree, is located in New Manila, Quezon City. Many people are afraid to pass … Read more

Uniquely-Themed Restaurants in Manila You May Have Yet to Visit

Filling Station Bar Cafe - Restaurants in Manila

Don’t Miss to Visit this Unique Restaurants in Manila Worthy of Spot in your Bucket List RESTAURANTS IN MANILA – Here are some of the must-visit restaurants in the capital of the Philippines with unique themes. The Philippines is a home to a lot of must-visit havens — resorts, hotels, restaurants, parks, and a lot … Read more

Egypt Is Not The Country W/ Highest Number Of Pyramids

Sudan pyramids, Egypt 1

Egypt Is Not the Country W/ The Most Pyramids EGYPT – Sudan boasts the highest number of pyramids globally, ranging from 200 to 255, surpassing Egypt’s count of 138. Thanks to movies, when many of us imagine a pyramid, our minds immediately transport us to Egypt, where those massive triangular tombs are closely associated with … Read more

Most Unique Airports in the World? Here’s What You May Have Yet To See…

Most Unique Airports in the World

List of Most Unique Airports You Must Have in Your Bucket List MOST UNIQUE AIRPORTS IN THE WORLD – Here are some amazing airports in the world that you may have yet to see or visit. Are you one of the people who are not only excited about visiting other countries but as well as … Read more

Discover The Secrets Behind These Famous Buildings

Famous Buildings 2

Uncover the Secrets of These Famous Buildings FAMOUS BUILDINGS – In this article, you will discover the secrets behind these six (6) famous buildings. While our perception of renowned global structures often assumes a comprehensive understanding, some of these architectural marvels conceal intriguing secrets that are readily overlooked. Certain hidden features are intentionally designed for … Read more

Unique Beliefs in Different Countries in the World You’ll Be Surprised To Know

Unique Beliefs Different Countries

List of Unique Beliefs in Different Countries Across the Globe UNIQUE BELIEFS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES – Here is a list of the rare beliefs practiced by the different nations across the globe. There are rare practices in the different countries in the world that are already part of the culture of these nations. These traditions … Read more

Africa Got These Surprising Facts Many People Are Not Aware Of


AFRICA – Here are some of the surprising facts about second largest continent in the world that is popular for its pyramids and deserts. Among the seven continents in the world, Africa is the second-largest continent as well as the second most populous continent across the globe. It covers aroun 20% of the land area … Read more