Uniquely-Themed Restaurants in Manila You May Have Yet to Visit

Don’t Miss to Visit this Unique Restaurants in Manila Worthy of Spot in your Bucket List

RESTAURANTS IN MANILA – Here are some of the must-visit restaurants in the capital of the Philippines with unique themes.

The Philippines is a home to a lot of must-visit havens — resorts, hotels, restaurants, parks, and a lot more. There are several tourist attractions that can give both kids and adults a wonderful experience. Aside from the biggest oceanarium in the country which is the Manila Ocean Park, you and your loved ones might also love to visit some of the unique restaurants in Manila.

This cafe and restaurant is popular for its neon lights and the electric feel that the place gives. Located in Makati, this 50’s style diner serves giant burgers, hotdog sandwiches, shakes, and many more delicious foods.

Filling Station Bar Cafe - Restaurants in Manila

Manila is also a home to the jelly fish bar Antidote which is perfect for those who love the night life. It is a place with beautiful blend of lively and relaxing atmosphere plus showing the stunning view of the cityscape.

Antidote Jelly Fish Bar

You might be wondering about the gatsby-inspired rooftop lounge that you can see in the photos of some of your Facebook friends who have been to Manila. It is the Penthouse 8747 which is located in Makati. One of the unique restaurants in Manila, it overlooks the Ayala Triangle Gardens and provides a beautiful view of the Makati Skyline.

The Penthouse 8747

Manila also offers an amazing collaboration that gives coffee lovers a wonderful treat — the power duo of Coffee Project and Fully Booked. It is the place for aesthetic decors, delicious coffee, and interesting books you can enjoy reading while having your coffee.

Coffee Project x Fully Booked - Restaurants in Manila

Also one of the unique restaurants in Manila is the Cinema ’76 Cafe which is located in Quezon City. It gives diners a movie theater vibe where you can have a lay back, quality bonding with your family and friends. They also host quiz nights about films which you might like to experience.

Cinema ’76 Cafe

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