SIRENA: Facts About This Mythological Creature

SIRENA – Here are some facts that you probably don’t know about this mythological creature also known as Mermaid.

‘Sirena,’ often described as enchanting mermaids in folklore, have captivated human imagination for centuries. These mythical creatures, with their fish-like tails and angelic songs have been a part of Philippine folklore.

The concept of mermaid can be traced back to ancient myths and legends. Different cultures, such as Greek, Roman, and Norse, have their own versions of sea-dwelling beings, often portraying them as beautiful maidens with fish tails.


Mermaid are commonly described as half-human and half-fish beings. Their upper bodies resemble those of humans, with long flowing hair and captivating eyes, while their lower halves transform into fish tails. Their strange appearance adds to their magical aura.

One of the most famous traits of a mermaid is their captivating songs. They are believed to sing melodious tunes that can enchant sailors and travelers at sea, according to mythology. These songs are said to be so irresistible that sailors may be lured towards dangerous waters, putting them at risk.

Sirena are often portrayed in literature, art, and folklore, serving as symbols of beauty, mystery, and the allure of the sea. Stories of encounters with mermaid, have been passed down through generations.


Numerous traditions from Pangasinan tell of Sirena drowning soldiers and fisherman who worship Apo laki. Some myths describe them as protectors of the waters of “asin-palan,” keeping the tattooed Visayan pirates at bay.

One of the moon’s appearances, Bulan, was said to have descended from the sky to swim with the mermaids during the full moon or in the Dayaw or Kadayawan in pre-colonial Philippines. The mermaids were also said to protect the boy moon from creatures of the water.

While sirena are often described as beautiful and alluring, some myths also shows the darker side of these mythical beings. In certain stories, sirena are portrayed as dangerous and vengeful creatures, capable of bringing calamity to those who cross their paths.

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