Unique Beliefs in Different Countries in the World You’ll Be Surprised To Know

List of Unique Beliefs in Different Countries Across the Globe

UNIQUE BELIEFS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES – Here is a list of the rare beliefs practiced by the different nations across the globe.

There are rare practices in the different countries in the world that are already part of the culture of these nations. These traditions often makes celebrations in these countries even more unforgettable and fun. Here are some of the unique beliefs and practices in some across:

If you love having beautiful cakes on your birthday, it is best to celebrate your special day somewhere else except in Mexico. It is a tradition in the country that after the singing of a happy birthday song to the celebrant, the guests smash the face of the birthday celebrant on his/her birthday cake.

Unique Beliefs in Different Countries

In Denmark, if you are single when you reach 25 years old, it is a tradition that family and friends throw a birthday celebration which involves covering you in cinnamon. You will be wet with water first and the family and friends will put some cinnamon on you.

Cinnamon Birthday in Denmark

In India, the bridal gown is not white. It is a tradition that the bride wears red on her wedding day as part of the cultural beliefs.

Unique Beliefs in Different Countries

In Italy, three days leading up to the Mardis Gras celebration in Ivrea, there are battles between the townsfolk and the ruling tyrant involving oranges. The said battle is a fight for freedom.

Battle of Oranges in Italy

One of the unique beliefs in different countries is the carrying of wife in Finland. Who would thought that a husband carrying his wife competing against other husbands who are also carrying their wives will be a sport? It is a tradition in Finland since the 19th Century and it is called eukonkanto.

Wife Carrying in Finland

While most of the world uses money to buy food, in Bolivia, money is baked into food. It is part of their tradition to bake money into cakes and pastries on New Year’s eve.

Unique Beliefs in Different Countries

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