ANTING ANTING – Different Types of Amulets in the Philippines

ANTING-ANTING – Here are the different types of amulets in the Philippines that have been a part of our history.

“Agimat,” also known as “anting-anting” or “bertud,” is a popular term in the Philippines for charms or amulets. It plays an important role in the mythology of indigenous Filipinos and continues to be a part of the everyday lives of many Filipinos.

The beliefs in amulets and charms existed long before the arrival of the Spanish and Catholicism. Indigenous worship centered on spirits, anitos, and gods, with Bathala being the highest deity.


This spiritual way of life gave rise to various beliefs about the agimat and the mystical powers it contained.

However, the concept of the agimat expanded to include elements of Christian faith with the arrival of Catholicism. Figures like the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Holy Family, the Virgin Mother, the Eye, and more have been incorporated with amulets.

It was believed that the amulet’s spiritual and magical powers could provide everlasting strength, protection, and healing. It is usually found in form of stone, metal, or wood, typically worn around the neck.


Agimat can also be a prayer or incantation, written on a piece of paper, folded, and placed in a wallet or sewn into fabric and worn in a discreet part of the body. Oracion is often written in Latin language.

Here are some types of amulets in the Philippines:

Odom or Satagabulag

Individuals who possess this amulet are said to have the ability to become invisible or excel in hiding.

Sa Gabe or Wiga

This amulet is believed to render its bearer impervious to rain, allowing them to walk through heavy downpours without getting wet.

Sa Tagahupa

The “Tagahupa” amulet endows its owner with the gift of persuasion and mediation. It is believed that even in the face of intense anger, a person approached by someone wearing this amulet becomes as docile as a lamb.

Pulang Korales

This mystical coral is said to attract luck, and those who come across it are considered fortunate.


A shining stone believed to be found near gold-rich areas. It is said to be guarded by snakes and possesses extraordinary powers.


– Those who carry this amulet are said to be impervious to bullets and other sharp objects that may cause harm.


– Possessors of the “Kabal” amulet are believed to have skin that is impenetrable by sharp objects, such as knives and bullets.


A type of vine found in remote areas of Mindanao. It is often crafted into bracelets that are thought to ward off evil spirits, enchantments, and supernatural beings.


Owners of this amulet are said to have the power to paralyze or immobilize those they wish.

Pangil ng Kidlat

Found in areas struck by lightning, this amulet grants its possessor unparalleled physical strength.


These amulets, often square, circular, triangular, or in the form of a small book, may carry a “curse” or blessing, either big or small.


These are pieces of cloth bearing sacred writings, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

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