BIRINGAN: Mysterious & Mythical City in the Philippines

BIRINGAN – Here are some stories about the mysterious and mythical city in Philippine folklore located in the province of Samar.

Biringan is believed to be located somewhere in the mountains or forests of Samar or nearby provinces. Legend states that this place is a hidden realm inhabited by supernatural beings, such as engkantos fairies, and other mystical creatures.

Stories claim that it is a beautiful and prosperous city, illuminated by a soft, golden light. However, it is said to be invisible to ordinary humans and can only be seen by those with special abilities or those who are granted permission by the spirits.


Several individuals who accidentally stumble upon Biringan are said to be lured by its beauty and never return to the mortal world.

Throughout the province of Samar, there are said to be only seven portals or gateways leading to Biringan, known only to selected individuals. The place is said to be located between Gandara, Carangan, and Pagsangjan, but no one can enter unless permitted by the beings, thus, no concrete proof exists.

According to the stories of Waray people, there are three reasons why people are taken by the residents of the hidden realm. People are attracted by the environment, some may be desired by the beings, while others may simply pity the person.

These enchantments take on human form, exceedingly handsome or beautiful, and they take whoever they fancy to Biringan, inviting them to stay there. They join their guests in a feast and offer them a choice between black and white rice.

Those who consume the black rice supposedly cannot return to the real world and become like the enchantments.


For those who resist the temptation of the wealth of Biringan and refuse to eat the black rice, although few believe their story, they claim that on their return to the real world, they point out old trees like Acacia as portals to Biringan.

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