Facts about Color Blue — There are these Things Majority of the Populace Doesn’t Know

List of Facts about Color Blue You Might Be Surprised To Know

FACTS ABOUT COLOR BLUE – Here are some things about the color blue that majority of the populace doesn’t know.

There are countless colors as each of the primary colors have different shades. Undeniably, a lot of people most especially men have blue as their favorite color. It was used a wedding motif for countless times and there are a lot of blue cars in the road. There is also the blue sky, the blue waters, and so much more.

Facts about Color Blue
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However, what is quite unknown to many people is that there are interesting facts about the color blue that majority of the people in the world is not aware. It is not simply about a color that looks best on most male. It is not just the color of the sky and ocean.

Blue is rarely seen in natural foods

Have you noticed that there are only a few natural foods that are blue in color. It is because it has a weak color associations with food and flavors unlike the colors yellow and red. You can only see it in cakes and breads that are made with colorings.

Blue indicates authority

Did you notice that the police authorities in most countries wear blue informs? It is because the color is linked to authority in North America. Even in the Philippines, the uniformed personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) wear blue informs.

Furthermore, the color blue played a huge role in the development of huge companies such as the Royal Bank, Nestle, IBM, and Blue Telephone. In stocks, there is even the term “blue chip” that refers to stocks of high value.

Blue Eyes

It is rare for a person to have blue eyes. One of the facts about the color blue is that both parents need to have blue eyes or carry the recessive blue gene for a child to have blue eyes.

Blue is rarely seen in nature

A lot of companies choose blue as their official color but this color is rarely seen in nature — except in the waters of clean oceans and seas.

It has a calming effect

Blue is considered as the relaxing color. While its name may suggest sadness, there is a soothing effect brought by its different shades.

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