KAPRE: Things You Need to Know About This Mythical Urban Legend

Kapre, a Legendary Mythical Urban Legend in the Philippines

KAPRE – Here are some important things that you need to know about this mythical urban legend.

In Philippine folklore, the Kapre is a mythical creature known for its height and dark, shaggy hair. This gorilla-like figure is often described as a tall creature with fiery red eyes and a strong, musky odor.

It is said to dwell in large trees, particularly old and gnarled ones, where it spends its time smoking a large tobacco pipe.


According to legend, the Kapre is a mischievous creature that enjoys playing pranks on humans, such as causing confusion in the forest or leading travelers astray. The entity is generally considered to be a benign spirit that means no harm unless provoked or disturbed.

In some stories, this dark humanoid is also believed to have the power to enchant humans, particularly young women, whom it may try to lure into the forest. However, stories vary regarding the intentions of the creature, with some portraying it as a protective guardian of the forest and others as a more malevolent being.

Witnesses to encounters with the Kapre often describe them as scary and uncomfortable, feeling apprehensive and uneasy in its company. Offerings of food, especially fruits, and sweets, are thought to be a good way to calm the Kapre, as is practicing mindful living.


The legend of the Kapre is deeply ingrained in Philippine culture and serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting nature and the spirits that inhabit it. While sightings of this entity are rare and often dismissed as mere folklore, its presence continues to be felt in the stories and traditions passed down through generations.

The Kapre has been an iconic figure in Philippine folklore, captivating the imagination of Filipino people.

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