MANANANGGAL: Facts & Story About Vampire-Like Creature in the Philippines

MANANANGGAL – Here are some of the most popular facts and story about this vampire-like creature in the Philippines.

Manananggal stands out as one of the most feared and iconic mythical creatures. This terrifying aswang is often described as a beautiful woman who can separate her upper body from her lower body to take flight, leaving the lower half behind.

According to tradition, these creatures are believed to take to the skies during full moons in search of their victims, with pregnant women being their preferred targets. Their extraordinary ability to detect a baby in the womb from a great distance adds to their terror.


The presence of a manananggal in the vicinity is signaled by an eerie “Wak! Wak!” sound, resembling the noise of a bat or bird known as “wakwák.” Before beginning their horrifying hunt, they often circle the home of their intended victim.

Their appearance displays wrinkled, hideous features, sharper claws and teeth, scary eyes, and enormous bat-like wings.

This supernatural creature becomes visible on the rooftop once the household is fast asleep. The vampire-like entity skillfully create a hole in the roof to observe the pregnant woman and insert their long, thread-like tongue to extract the unborn child.

Many Filipinos believes that manananggals have an insatiable appetite for the fetus and even the internal organs, particularly the heart and liver.


Based on stories, manananggals must return to their lower halves before sunrise in order to survive because the rays of the sun have the power to annihilate them. However, if the lower half is sprinkled with salt, garlic, or crushed stingray tail, it can prevent the reunion, ultimately leading to their death.

In certain regions of the Philippines, manananggals are known by different names. They are referred to as “Tangso-Tangso” by the Waray, “Tanggae” in Aklan, “Salimbarot” in Mindanao, and “Tanggar” in some parts of Palawan.

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