SIGBIN: Things You Need to Know About This Mythical Creature

SIGBIN – Here are some important things you need to know about this Philippine mythical creature.

Sigbin is a mythical creature in Filipino folklore described as a supernatural being. It is often described as a creature resembling a hornless goat or kangaroo. It is said to have large ears that can clap together and a long tail.

The creature is believed to be nocturnal, dwelling in remote areas like mountains or the countryside. One of its distinctive feature is its ability to become invisible to the human eye.


According to local stories, the creature uses its large ears to produce a clapping sound that can disorient its prey. The long tail is said to have a hypnotic effect, allowing the Sigbin to enchant those who encounter it.

They possess the ability to turn invisible to other animals, particularly people. There are rumors that the Sigbin smells horrible. During Holy Week, it is said to come out from its hide in search of children to slay for their hearts, which it then crafts into amulets.

The folklore surrounding the Sigbin varies across different regions in the Philippines. Some stories portray the creature as a protector, serving a supernatural being or an individual with magical powers.


There are other families known as Sigbinan (“those who own Sigbin”) who have the authority to order them. The aswang is reported to keep it as a pet, along with another fabled creature, the Wakwak, a bird.

In contrast, other stories associate the Sigbin with dark magic and superstitions, warning against crossing paths with it.

In some regions, people view Sigbin as a creature that can bring good fortune and protection to its master. It is also described as loyal companion.

The creature also found its way into contemporary pop culture, with depictions in literature, movies, and even local television shows.

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