AMALANHIG: Things You Need to Know About Zombie of the Philippines

AMALANHIG – Here are the things you need to know about ‘Maranhig’ or the so-called ‘Zombie’ of the Philippines.

The Amalanhig is a terrifying creature from the rich history of Philippine mythology that is ingrained in Visayan folklore. Known by many names like Maranhig or Amaranhig, these creatures have captured the imagination of generations throughout the archipelago with stories of mystery and terror.

According to Visayan mythology, the maranhig are undead beings, often associated with the aswang, who failed to pass on their monstrous legacy. Instead, they rise from their graves with a hunger for human souls, manifesting in a relentless pursuit of the living.


According to some of the stories, these creatures have the strange ability to tickle their victims until they die, evoking both fear and laughter in one deadly hug.

Even though they are stiff and deformed, the Amaranhig seem a lot like the people they were when they were alive. They announce their evil arrival with the stink of rotting flesh, and their deadly sharp tongues act as agents of lust.

Even with their hideous looks, Amaranhig has the disturbing ability to impersonate well-known voices, drawing vulnerable individuals into their traps. They are physically limited to straight paths by their stiff-legged walk, which further increases their unsettling appeal.

There is a legend that one must be clever and inventive to avoid running across an Amalanhig. It is thought that climbing crooked trees or taking sanctuary in sources of water may ward off these evil spirits.

Specifically, water can break them down into a mass of worms and maggots that need to be eliminated to stop them from coming back.

The maranhig mythology remains popular over time and keeps catching people’s interest throughout the Philippines.  With its chilling portrayal of undead beings and supernatural powers, this mythical creature leaves a mark in the Philippine history.

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