These Unique Mushrooms Have Not Be Seen By Many People (Photos)

Check Out These Unique Mushrooms & Some Important Details about Them

UNIQUE MUSHROOMS – A lot of people across the globe have yet to see the photos of weird mushrooms that sometimes look like surreal.

Mushrooms or the umbrella-shaped fruiting body of fungi has several kinds. Mushrooms are linked to seaweeds. Some of them even have weird shapes. Check these ones below:

It was in 1980 when this mushroom with a unique shape was described. It has a global distribution but many people have yet to see this unique fungi specie.

Clathrus archeri (octopus stinkhorn)

The Hypholoma brunneum is a species of mushroom in the family Strophariaceae. It was in 1899 when it was described by George Edward Massee as Flammula brunnea. In 1954, Derek Reid moved it under the genus Hypholoma.

Unique Mushrooms

Also one of the unique mushrooms is the Violet Pouch is the Cortinarius porphyroideus. It has a truffle-like shape and its tissue produce spores that are kept within its purple cap.

Violet pouch

This weird mushroom look like either a undulating waves or a loose Chinese fan. Its gill’s color may range from creamy yellow to pale white.

Unique Mushrooms

The Orange Pore Fungus belongs in the family Mycenaceae. Its form suggests its name and it is also sometimes called “Ping-Pong Bat”. It was first spotted in the Madagascar.

Favolaschia calocera (orange pore fungus)

Also called the Stump Puffball, the Pear-shaped Puffball saprobic fungus present in many areas in the world. It usually appears in Autumn and usually grows on decaying logs.

Lycoperdon pyriforme (Pear-shaped puffball)

Also one of the unique mushrooms is the Stinkhorn Fungus. It is known for its foul smell and sticky pore masses. They grow throughout the world like most mushroom species.

Unique Mushrooms

These large white-gilled and white-spotted red mushrooms actually has several variations or sub-species. Some have yellow or white caps. This mushroom is native throughout the boreal and temperate regions.

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

Gymnopilus are rusty-orange spored mushroom species within the fungal family Hymenogastraceae. It is also commonly called as Spectacular Rustgill.

Unique Mushrooms

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