BAL-BAL: Undead Monster in the Philippines Known for Stealing Corpses

Here Are Some Facts About This Undead Monster Known for Stealing Corpses

BAL-BAL – Here are the things that you need to know about this undead monster in the Philippines known for stealing corpses.

“Balbal” is a Filipino term that refers to a mythical creature in Philippine folklore, particularly in Tagalog regions. It is often depicted as a shape-shifting monster that preys on humans, particularly pregnant women.

According to legend, the balbal is said to have the ability to transform into various forms, allowing it to disguise itself and evade detection.


It is often associated with stories of horror and the supernatural, serving as a cautionary tale to warn people, especially expectant mothers, to be cautious when traveling alone at night or in secluded areas.

The creature has a strong smell for dead human bodies and has a bad smell since it only consumes corpses whether in funerals or graves. It has sharp claws and teeth to rip off the clothes of its victims.

In Philippine folklore, balbal is considered one most terrifying mythological creatures because of its appearance.

Stories of the balbal have been passed down through generations, instilling fear and vigilance. Parents warn their children to be careful when venturing into the unknown, lest they encounter this fearsome creature lurking in the shadows.

The bal-bal is still a mystery, with sightings and encounters frequently concealed in inconsistency, despite its terrifying image. While some deny its existence and tell terrifying stories of their horrifying encounters with it, others swear it exists.

Whether true or not, the tale of the balbal remains in Filipino culture and memory, reminding us that folklore can both frighten and entertain. Real or imaginary, the creature is an iconic symbol in the general mentality of the Philippines, representing the rich and varied fabric of Filipino culture.

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