AMOMONGO: Man-Sized Ape w/ Long Nails in Philippines

AMOMONGO – Here are some popular stories and facts about this mythical creature in Philippine folklore.

“Amomongo” is a term commonly used in Filipino folklore to refer to a mythical creature or monster, often depicted as a large, hairy humanoid or ape-like creature. It is similar to the Western concept of a “Bigfoot” or “Yeti.

In Filipino culture, stories about the amomongo are often shared to entertain or scare listeners, particularly children.


Numerous stories and legends surround the Amomongo, each adding to its mystique. In these stories, the Amomongo is often portrayed as a fearsome and aggressive creature, preying on humans and livestock.

The amomongo is said to reside in remote forests or mountains, and it is usually described as being fierce and aggressive. According to folklore, encounters with the amomongo can be dangerous, as it is believed to attack humans and livestock.

In some stories, the amomongo is described as having supernatural abilities, such as being able to disappear or shape-shift into other forms.

It was used to characterize a man-sized animal that attacked two people of Sag-ang, La Castellana, Negros Occidental, and devoured goats and chicks nearby.

Amomongo is said to have attacked Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar of the La Castellana hamlet on June 9, 2008, and slaughtered many goats and chickens in the area so they could consume their organs.

Attacks continued until June 10th, the following day. Galvez and Aguilar’s medical records show that they had several scratches on their faces, backs, and abdomens. The monster is described by locals as a “hairy white ape with long, sharp nails and stands 5 feet 4 inches [1.6 m] tall.”

Some people have drawn similarities between it and other ape-like cryptids seen worldwide, such Bigfoot or the Yeti, however scientists maintain that it is simply a mythology mixed with misidentification. According to the locals, it is a wild animal rather than an intellectual person like witch or aswang.

While the existence of the amomongo is widely considered to be a legend or myth, sightings and encounters with mysterious creatures continue to be reported in some rural areas of the Philippines.

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