SANTELMO: Stories & Scientific Explanation About this Mythological Creature

SANTELMO – Here are some stories about this ball of fire and a scientific explanation about this mythological creature.

Santelmo, also known as the ball of fire, is a topic of many stories in Philippine Mythology. However, some people still don’t believe in it despite the personal experiences shared by others.

Sometimes they are used to scare people by appearing in the forest or an open field, in the form of a ball of fire, resembling a light that shines brightly. It is believed that if you follow the light, you cannot return unless someone sees you and saves you from getting lost.


Santelmo is rarely seen by some people, only in the provinces. Other stories say that if this ball of fire appears to you, it will chase you. Santelmo found in the water may be dangerous because elders said they could drown you.

In some stories, it is said that a ball of fire can bring either good or bad fortune, depending on how many balls of fire you encounter. However, for those who encounter a story about Santelmo, after some chasing, it will just disappear or slowly fade away

Back in the 1960s, scientists debated about Santelmo because some believed it was just an illusion. In a laboratory, they experimented to understand how it occurs or forms.

They successfully recreated the appearance of Santelmo, which matched the descriptions of those who witnessed it.

According to the theory, the glowing is caused by Methane gas, a natural substance produced by decaying plants in wet or marshy areas. It mixes with Phosphine and Disphosphane, inorganic compounds, and when they mix in the air, a momentary flame results.

While science provides explanations, it doesn’t fully answer all the questions surrounding this mythological creature.

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