WAKWAK: Facts About This Bird-Like Creature in Philippine Mythology


WAKWAK – Here are some unique facts and beliefs about this vampiric, bird-like creature in Philippine mythology. The Philippines is a country filled with rich cultural heritage and folklore, with a lot of mythical creatures that have terrified generations. Among these mysterious beings is the “wakwak,” a creature that haunts the stories of many Filipinos. … Read more

MAMBABARANG: Facts About This Type of Witch in Philippine Mythology


Mambabarang – Here are some facts about this type of witch, who employs black magic to cast curses or harm their victims. The term “Mambabarang” refers to a practitioner of witchcraft or sorcery, deeply rooted in the beliefs and traditions of the Filipino people. They are believed to possess supernatural abilities, using insects and spirits … Read more

Gods & Goddesses Of The Philippines: Divine Beings In PH Mythology

Sunset in Boracay, Gods & Goddesses Of The Philippines 3

Learn More About The Gods & Goddesses Of The Philippines GODS & GODDESSES OF THE PHILIPPINES – In this article, you will learn more about the Gods and Goddesses of the Philippines. The mythology of the Philippines weaves a captivating tapestry of beliefs and practices that originate from diverse indigenous tribes inhabiting the land. The … Read more